Annual Dues Notices and Financial Reports


Our fiscal year runs from July 1st - June 30th. Annual dues are payable within 30 days of billing. Please mail your dues payment to Treasurer, Mike Byrne, at 5740 Sixth Avenue Parkway, Denver, Colorado 80220. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Our HOA dues support the Board of Directors in their activities related to the preservation and security of our neighborhood, including members’ compliance with our Covenants and By-Laws, maintenance of our two city-owned islands at Crestmoor and Ivanhoe and Crestmoor and Jasmine through an arrangement with the City of Denver, snow removal when required, security patrols, maintaining our website, periodic notices to our membership regarding meetings and dues payments, costs associated with our annual membership meeting, and various miscellaneous administrative expenses.

They do not cover such things as trash removal or recycling, which are provided by the City of Denver.